0031 design FOR DUTCH DESIGN and more…

0031 design sells various products from the interior sector. Mainly Dutch labels but also Scandinavian brands. Our products are available at selected shops. Look at Verkoopadressen for the closest shop in your neighborhood. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to Contact us.

Our collection

Curtain-, furniture fabrics and carpets of the Swedish company Almedahls, the HOME collection of Almedahls; tea towels, cutting boards, serving trays and other accessories with original fifties prints. For the northern part of Holland: Wood & Washi, window- and interior decoration in Japanese style with a base of washi paper. Dutchcap, a 100% wool felt cap consisting of 6 together stitched pieces. The stitching is next to a decoration still functional. Available in various colors and sizes. The colorful collection wOrk, porcelain by Olav Slingerland in collaboration with Xiaojie Zhu. A cultural crossover in clay between the Netherlands and China. New is the Danish LoCa with their special coat rack series KNAX, with hooks that unfold when you hang your jacket on it, very functional! You can also contact us for the modern and stylish designed jewelry of the Dutch label Tjonge jonge. Beside that, the Thijs Verhaar collection is a new addition: scarves and socks with challenging geometric figures and powerful colors, yet in a refined style…

Renate van Velthoven
0031 design

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